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Nicola Hatton’s Life of Ryley

Nicola Hatton’s Life of Ryley

Nicola Hatton, Senior Administrator at Ryley Wealth Management, knows the ins and the outs of financial administration, having worked in the industry for almost a decade. In this month’s instalment of ‘Life of Ryley’ Nicola will tell us about a day in her life as a Senior Administrator and how much she has learned about managing her own finances in the process.

Nicola’s primary role since joining Ryley Wealth Management has been to help various Financial Planners with their day-to-day activities and client queries. “My tasks vary significantly each day depending on what comes in, as the job is quite reactive, which makes each day different,” she explained. A recent promotion to Senior Administrator means Nicola will also now be helping the teams with more technical tasks – writing drawdown review letters and submitting business are just a couple of the new responsibilities in her role, along with helping to run and assist the administration team.

Nicola’s experience in financial administration started during her university studies when she undertook a placement in an insolvency firm. Her hard work during that placement meant that she was invited back to work there after she graduated. After gaining much experience in the industry, she decided to take a position in Nottingham, working as an administrator for a pension provider. “The role offered me a lot more technical work behind the scenes,” she says.

After three years, she began her journey at Ryley Wealth Management and is now in her fourth year on the job – recently achieving the promotion to Senior Administrator. Throughout her years of administration, Nicola says the best part of her job is when she speaks directly with clients and helps them solve their queries. “Chatting to clients always makes the day more interesting. The relationships you build are really important – I always like to make sure I can help them to the best of my ability”.

Working in financial services has also opened her eyes to several real-life financial concepts and the need for saving and investing in her own life, and she enjoys the constant learning that comes with the role. Nicola has recently achieved her Platinum SJP Accreditation – the highest there is – and potentially sees herself one day moving onto a Paraplanner role.

Outside work, Nicola spends much of her time looking after and entertaining her young son and two cats, regularly planning fun days out to farms or parks. She commented that, “when working at RWM the days are always busy, but they also give me amazing flexibility to spend time with my family and have a decent work/life balance”.

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